Sourdough Series 101

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This is our signature sourdough course thoughtfully created to help you master sourdough at home! Designed with YOU, the home baker, in mind, this "bake at your own pace" course will guide you through the sourdough process on your terms.

Your class begins with breads, moves into buns, then pizza, focaccia, bagels and pretzels. You have lifetime access to this course, so you can bake at whichever pace suits you and your life. Each baking category guides you with video and printables through 2 recipes, 2 methods and a challenge, where you can WIN prizes!

In addition, we provide additional Bi-Monthly Live Student Masterclasses and Bi-Monthly Live Q&A's to supplement the course material and to answer YOUR specific questions. You do not need to attend these calls live, as they are recorded for your convenience.

The course is organized by category that allows you to move at any pace you feel comfortable with. You will be supported every step of the way!

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  • PREP WEEK - Mise en Place 
  • Breads 
  • Buns 
  • Pizza & Focaccia
  • Bagels & Pretzels 


  • Bi-Monthly Live Student Masterclass - The call will discuss sourdough techniques, methods, equations and the science behind sourdough. We also answer YOUR questions at this time. This session are recorded and emailed out to listen at your convenience. 
  • Bi-Monthly Live Q&A - The call will answer your questions in detail so you are able to troubleshoot and are equipped to reach the next level in your sourdough baking.
  • Private Facebook Group - The Sourdough Support Group where videos, photos and questions are shared.

Set yourself up for success with Sourdough Series 101 

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  • 5
    Best Starter Course for your Starter!

    Posted by Dana Francoeur on 30th Jan 2021

    I really learned a lot from this course. It allowed me to really develop my skills and then grow/branch off from there to deal with other recipes and higher hydration etc. A wonderful investment in your sourdough skills!

  • 5
    Sourdough series 101

    Posted by Soo (Suzanna) De Vries on 30th Jan 2021

    One doesn’t know what one doesn’t know- and that was a lot when it came to sourdough! After trying on my own, then taking the free course, my results went from okay to pretty good, and now this course and Shannon’s insights and knowledge that she clearly presents is upping my sour game even more!! Thanks so much for all the inspiration and information!

  • 5
    A game changer in my sourdough journey!

    Posted by Cathy Macdonald on 30th Jan 2021

    I have taken the Sourdough 101 course and it was a game changer. Up until I started utilizing Shannon's recipes and method I could not count on the results of my sourdough making. Now each week I have beautiful loaves and bagels to enjoy and to share with my friends and family. The instructional videos are so helpful to fine tune the intricacies of the sourdough method. I highly recommend the courses and the Sourdough School House staff.

  • 5
    Fantastic introduction to sourdough

    Posted by April Gustafson on 30th Jan 2021

    This course is full of so much information needed to begin your journey into sourdough. It lets you bake with Shannon over and over and perfect the technique. I love that it is lifetime access to the course with wonderful recipes. My next courses will be pasta or pastry. I can’t wait!

  • 5
    Sourdough 101 is not just a101

    Posted by Lisa O on 30th Jan 2021

    I would not consider myself a novice cook or baker, and have made quite a bit of bread in my time, but this class has elevated my skills substantially. Love that I can work at my own pace and learn to adjust my prep to fit my life/time. Shannon is a clear and excellent teacher. A joy to do!

  • 5
    Sourdough success

    Posted by Cindy Penner on 30th Jan 2021

    I knew I needed a project being lost in the pandemic.. I found this this course by pure random chance. I have been always interested in sourdough so I took an internet risk and I am so glad I did!! It was a game changer. I have since bought the pastry course. So very thankful for the videos as I’m a visual learner. If you are hoping to finesse your sourdough game.. I would def recommend this series.

  • 5
    Sourdough Series 101

    Posted by Pamela on 30th Jan 2021

    Wonderful starter course! The videos are clear and easy to follow. Updates are made and clearly communicated. I love the bonus LIVE sessions, FB group and challenges! If you are interested in learning Sourdough, this course is a must have!

  • 5
    Best online baking class!

    Posted by Kelly Sinutko on 28th Jan 2021

    The Sourdough 101 Series contains everything you need to get started with sourdough. The recipes are delicious, and Shannon breaks everything down into manageable steps. Such a great way to learn a new life skill!

  • 5
    Sourdough course

    Posted by Kristina on 23rd Jan 2021

    This is such a great intro course if you want to learn sourdough, the best part is that Shannon makes the course so exsessible to fit sourdough into your schedule with different methods along with tips and tricks to use. I can't wait to try her other sourdough courses like the pastry one!!!!