Sourdough Pastry Series

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If you already love sourdough and if you are ready to take your home baking to a WHOLE. NEW. LEVEL, then this class is for you.

As always, our classes are designed with you in mind, the home baker. By the end of this course, you will be comfortable with:

  • Sourdough Brioche
  • Sourdough Croissants
  • Sourdough Danish
  • As well as some impressive new techniques around shaping, layering and both sweet and savoury options for each of these fancy French pastries

The course guides you along with videos and printables, support in a community and more. As an added bonus, we have Challenges with prizes too! Last, but not least, every week, you will receive extra training with either a Live Student Masterclass or a Live Q&A session - it is recorded so you do not need to be there LIVE. The course never expires and you can move at any pace you feel comfortable with. You will be supported every step of the way. 

ITINERARY - You can join the course anytime you like. Get prepared with our BONUS WEEK - Mise en Place (this is a week of preparation).


  • Bi-Monthly Live Student Masterclass - The call will discuss sourdough techniques, methods, equations and the science behind sourdough. We also answer YOUR questions at this time. These sessions are recorded and emailed out to listen at your convenience. 
  • Bi-Monthly Live Q&A - The calls will answer your questions in detail so you are able to troubleshoot and are equipped to reach the next level in your sourdough baking.
  • Private Facebook Group - The Sourdough Support Group where videos, photos and questions are shared.

Take your sourdough skill to a whole new level with our all new Sourdough Pastry Series.