Sourdough Series 101 - FROM LIVESTREAM

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Thank you for joining our LIVESTREAM Sourdough Made Simple Workshop. I see you have decided to invest in yourself!! Way to go. Use your COUPON CODE (for 48 hours ONLY after your workshop) to save and we will be seeing you in the Sourdough Series 101 soon.


This is our signature sourdough course thoughtfully created to help you master sourdough at home! Designed with YOU, the home baker, in mind, this "bake at your own pace" course will guide you through the sourdough process on your terms.

Your class begins with breads, moves into buns, then pizza, focaccia, bagels and pretzels. Each session is grouped into a weekly itinerary (although you can bake at any pace you like) and guides you with video and printables through 2 recipes, 2 methods and a challenge, where you can WIN prizes too.

In addition, we provide additional training calls to supplement the course material and to answer YOUR specific questions. You do not need to attend these calls live, as they are recorded for your convenience.

Last, but not least, the course is organized over a 4-week period, however, it never expires and you can move at any pace you feel comfortable with. You will be supported every step of the way.

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  • PREP WEEK - Mise en Place 
  • WEEK 1 - Breads 
  • WEEK 2 - Buns 
  • WEEK 3 - Pizza & Focaccia
  • WEEK 4 - Bagels & Pretzels 


  • Semi-Monthly Recorded Training Calls - The call will discuss sourdough techniques, methods, equations and the science behind sourdough. We also answer YOUR questions at this time. This session are recorded and emailed out to listen at your convenience. 
  • Private Facebook Group - The Sourdough Support Group where videos, photos and questions are shared.

Set yourself up for success with Sourdough Series 101 

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