French Breads Kit

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The French know bread and this kit will help you go NEXT.LEVEL! If you want to take your sourdough journey further, get these beautiful tools today.


  • French Bread/Baguette Banneton with Liner - 42.5cm long x 11 cm wide  x 8 cm deep / 16.5 inch long x 4.25 inch wide x 3 inch deep
  • Proofing Bags 10/pack - Large Banneton and Sheet pan size
  • Proofing Bags 10/pack - Banneton size


  • Custom Made Flipping Board (by Sycamore Woodcrafts - Yes, the people that brough you Bread Llamas)
  • 100% Cotton Canvas Baking Couche
  • Wooden Paddle
  • 5 pack of Scoring Blades
  • Timeline Post It Sheets 25/pack - keep track of your bakes